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Property litigation is the field of law relating to disputes over property of any type. This can involve resolving disputes between property owners and their tenants plus the ownership of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial property. It also covers all aspects of the buying, selling, ownership and leasing of property. Litigation refers to resolving these issues within the Courts system.

Property disputes and how we can help

Anyone who owns or is looking to own a property would benefit from property litigation services at some point in the process. 

Anyone who owns, rents or leases a property may at some point in the process need the expertise of a property solicitor or litigator who specialises in property law. The property market is highly complex, and regulations change often. Property owners and tenants can struggle to keep up to date with all the changes, so instead choose to employ the services of a legal team.

When a client first comes to us for advice, we evaluate the claim and let the client know what the next steps that should be taken will be. To do this we read through all the corresponding documentation given to us and form an opinion on the clients’ chances of success. A claim might not be particularly strong and therefore we would advise on settling as soon as is possible with a minimum of fuss. If, however, the case seems strong we would advise proceeding with the claim through the Courts system. We would at this stage issue Court proceedings and deal with all the administrative work that is needed pre-court and post-trial.

We will attend conferences with counsel and the client to discuss the case and preparations for the trial. We are at trial to discuss the case with the barrister if they have any questions and to ensure that the client understands everything that is going on.

Court really is and needs to be viewed as the last step in resolving a dispute. There are many ways to resolve the issue before issuing court proceedings as these may be lengthy and very expensive. We will walk you through all the various measures that can be undertaken to resolve the dispute, which are satisfactory to all parties involved. This can be steps such as writing letters, engaging in talks or attending mediation sessions amongst other things.

We can also give advice to businesses relating to property matters, for example – advice on structuring leasing contracts. We also handle all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing, including the various transactions required by law to transfer the property from seller to buyer, such as ensuring the property is not the subject of any pending disputes. 

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