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Lasting Power of Attorneys

There are two different types of Lasting Power of Attorneys:

– Property and financial affairs: and

– Health and welfare

Both are legal documents in which the Donor (the person the LPA is about) gives another person (the Attorney) the right to help with decision making or if needs be, make decisions on their behalf.

Reasons for a Property and Financial Affairs LPA:-

The LPA (lasting power of attorney) allows the donor to choose people they know and trust to look after their affairs if they:

– Lose mental capacity

– Develop an illness which may affect their ability to make decisions for themselves such as dementia or a brain injury. The donor can even do this if they feel this may happen in the future

The donor can make either one or both types of LPA depending on their requirements, but LPA’s must be made while you (the donor) still have full mental capacity.

The LPA is used to appoint attorneys to make decisions on such things as:

When setting up the LPA the donor must decide whether it is for use straight away or for if/when they lose capacity. The LPA can also restrict the decisions an attorney can make.

Reasons for a Health and Welfare LPA:-

The LPA is used to appoint attorneys to make decisions on such things as:

The health and welfare LPA can only be used when/if the donor has lost the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. 


Why should you have an LPA in place?

At some point over the year’s, you may have had in depth or brief conversations with your loved ones regarding your wishes once you have passed away, but have you ever had in depth or brief conversations with them regarding your wishes whilst you are still alive? For most people the answer is no. Without an LPA in place your wishes may well be disregarded and in the case of life sustaining treatment, a doctor may decide on your behalf.

With no LPA in place your affairs will be looked after by the Court of Protection. You will lose all control and a deputy of the Court will be put in place to decide on your affairs. This may leave you and your loved ones with unwanted bills at the end of a long and difficult process.

You may have already started looking at your affairs and may even have a will in place. An LPA is the next step in planning for and safeguarding yours and your families’ futures.

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